Tannour, the traditional Lebanese bread is now available in Byblos.

Assaad El Khoury and his wife, from Chadra-Akkar have recently opened a new bakery in Byblos, a tiny kiosk selling one of the best traditional Lebanese bread: Tannour.


Assaad is an entrepreneur who turned the love of his grandmother’s bread into a thriving business as an attempt to revive the Lebanese heritage.

Opening all week long from 8 am till 5 pm, this family business serves beside the traditional bread and talamé ( a bread which is very soft in the middle and flakey on the outside) classical man’ouche, fatayer chanklich, kawarma b labneh and even pizza!

All the products are homemade and prepared with love and attention by Assad’s wife.

Fatayer Chanklich
Man’ouchet Zaatar


A Tannour is an oven made from a special kind of clay or mud that retains heat and usually its fired by wood.

The baking of Tannour bread has something very special; after the classical routine of putting the loaf on a round cotton pillow , the bread its tossed onto the hot clay wall inside the Tannour, and amazingly the dough sticks to the wall!

It takes no more than a couple of minutes to have a finished loaf, which is removed with great speed before the bread burns.

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